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Lady Light teams up with the photon krew

Custom Acts for VIRTUAL EVENTS

COVID 19 has changed the event industry. I was asked to make a "quarantine style" virtual act. I can incorporate company logos, branding and messaging.

 Laser look amazing live- but just as good on video!

What can we create for your virtual event?

The Lasergirl Act

A high-energy laser manipulation act that will leave guests asking: "How does she do it?"

She bends , twirls, and even throws laser beams.


As seen on Fox's Game of Talents, The CWs The Big Stage, MTVs Amazingness and Outrageous Acts of Science

A true high tech, unique, wow-factor act. 

Perfect for corporate events, theme parks, night clubs, and general session openers. 

A truly unique, high tech, wow  factor addition to any event. 

Logo reveals  available for corporate branding and added excitement. 

laser violin girl

Blending the beauty of electric violin music with laser effects and laser manipulation, this is a unique and hard to find act. A perfect mix of technology and art. 

Laser Dancers

DUOS & Trio

Even though just 1 performer can create a huge impact- additional performers increase the intensity!

This can be performed as a 2 female duo or a male/ female duo. 

We can also combine forces for a 3 performer act!!

The sky is the limit at Lady Light Creations.

Giant Bubble laser Act

This giant inflatable bubble is great for outdoor events and places where the haze needs to be contained. 

Lady Light recently performed as bands changed over at Las Rageous music festival in Las Vegas. 

Ask about longer atmosphere sets in the bubble and Laser Violin in the bubble.

Christmas Laser act

This is an award winning laser act. It is truly a unique act that blends dance, laser manipulation, and high energy Christmas music. This is spectacular live!

laser Gogo™

Atmosphere sets

New and exciting!

The only laser act where the perfomer is using hidden wireless controllers to live-control the laser effects real time. 

More and more often,  events are asking for longer, "atmosphere" sets instead of a concise act. 

Lady Light is the only one to accomplish this. Years of practice enable her to create moves on the fly.

This set up meant to accompany the event DJ or music and is more like a gogo or atmosphere dancer set with laser effects and laser manipulation. 

Laser Man

LaserMan by Lady Light has 2 light suits to choose from. High energy and performed by a professional dancer. 

Laser man can also perform as part of a duo with Lady Light!

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