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Internationally Acclaimed,  Award-Winning Laser Acts

Lady Light Creations is the creator of cutting-edge laser acts and is best known as "The Lasergirl". Lady Light blends fast-paced laser manipulation with dance elements, and uses full color lasers to create truly hi-tech, high energy acts.

Lady Light has been featured "Game of Talents" on Fox, on 2 episodes of The CW's "the Big Stage", Discovery TV's "Outrageous Acts of Science" and MTV's "Amazingness", and you may have seen her in her viral video with millions of views world wide.


In 2017, she won 2 First Place ILDA (International Laser Display Association) Awards for her programming and choreography

Lady Light programmed and choreographed the laser act section in "Flick, The Power of Motion Pictures", which is currently performed on 6 Carnival Cruise ships around the world.

Lady Light Creations, LLC can has a variety of acts already created including: Laser Dancer Duos, the 360 Act, a Christmas Laser Act, Laser Violin, Atmosphere or Laser Gogo™, and even one performed in a giant inflatable bubble. We know we have the right act to fit your event or venue, or we'll create one!

Lady Light Shows Compilation Video
Lady Light Laser Girl

Need a laser act created for a show? We can create that. Let us help you with everything from programming, training, and teaching, to music and laser selection. 


We have so many acts to chose from. Tell us about your event or venue and we'll help you select the right one. We have a variety of apparatus and configurations and will definitely have something to suit your needs!  


Need specific music or colors for your event? We can do that!

Our customizations include: logo reveals, corporate messages, CEO entrances, laser color, music request, atmosphere or gogo sets, and more!


NEW! Lasers for Matt Goss' new video "Better with You"

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